Bio Spirits welcomes you to the new era of a drinking experience with natural botanicals

Bio Spirits USA is liquor distributor of  Natural Spirits Brand in United States, Which is researched  and developed by BioTech Spirits.

Natural Spirits are enriched with bio alkaloids and herbs without using any synthetic flavors or colors. They will give the same intoxication levels as any other high-quality liquor brand available today.

Vision & mission


The main objective of Natural Spirits is that it minimizes the ill side effects caused by the consumption of alcohol. However, this does not limit or subtract from the richness of taste that you get from a high-quality alcohol such as Bio Liquors. You will also be inebriated just as you are from drinking any other high-quality alcohol brand out on the market today.


Natural Spirits are intended to minimize the adverse and ill effects that are generally associated with liquors that are manufactured using molasses based spirits and synthetic flavors and colors. Natural Spirits has developed and introduced spirits enriched with Bio Alkaloids. Natural Spirits has the innate quality of minimizing most of the ill side effects due to alcohol consumption.


BioTech Spirits’ Research and Development Unit adopts stringent quality control parameters to ensure consistent quality of its liquors. The preparation and consumption of therapeutic herbs has progressed through time from “vaguely measured formulas and dosages” to “specifically quantified amounts”. BioTech Spirits Research and Development Center is strategically located where there is an abundance of perfect weather to maintain the best elements and environment for the ingredients used to manufacture the highest quality of product. This also ensures sterilized raw material for highly sensitive liquor formulations. These laboratories are committed to develop, innovate, analyze and apply technology for products and processes that make us pioneers in providing services such as; Inspection, Testing, and Certification in the United States. We pride ourselves on being a very ‘research oriented’ company. Indeed, it is this emphasis on Research and Development that allows us to produce safe, and consistent remedies using Ayurvedic principles.


Bio Spirits USA identified with our capabilities to meet the increasing demand for unique products in the liquor industry in United States. The organization believes in the concept of total quality control emphasizing on strong client relationship management. This includes but is not limited to, high quality and on-schedule delivery of its products and service. We strive to upgrade the existing standards of high quality through innovation and hard work and follow through. Natural Spirits’ products pass stringent quality control checks to ensure that only the best product is received by our clients. Our valued expertise has enabled us to nurture our business relationships for mutual gains and has earned an overwhelming response from our clients all over the world.

Natural Spirits are made by using (but not limited to) the following ingredients: natural grain spirits, selected malt spirit, natural colors and enriched with bio alkaloids processed through a supercritical CO2 technology on ancient wonder herbs, such as Aloe Vera, Withania Somnifera and Phyllanthus Niruri.